Patient Feedback

Fantastic as usual!!!

by Randy C. on 2017-01-11

better joks

by Mabel P. on 2017-01-10

Professional yet personal. I have been a patient for over 30 years, along with the rest of my siblings, and we love Dr. Klekamp and his staff. They are the best.

by Linda R. on 2016-12-28

Klekamp Family Dentistry does an outstanding job and provides excellent customer service. I would recommend Dr Klekamp to anyone looking for dental care.

by Joel W. on 2016-12-23

Excellent dental care! Everyone is highly competent & extremely pleasant!

by James F. on 2016-12-16

Very friendly and professional

by Graham H. on 2016-12-13


by Martin H. on 2016-12-09

Everyone treats me as though I am a personal friend. They are all kind and interested in my total health. I  appreciated the thorough exams and how well everything is explained. I never feel pressured to have an unneeded procedure.

by Anne P. on 2016-12-03

You guys are the greatest. You all make a fantastic team and that means a lot to me. Many thanks for the terrific service. The new teeth are great

by Daniel R. on 2016-11-29

Friendly, professional, just the best in every way!

by Judith W. on 2016-11-11


by Thomas H. on 2016-11-11

The whole team at Klekamp Family Dentistry works hard to make going to the Dentist as much of a pleasure as I think is possible.

by Rory L. on 2016-11-08

Very personable & caring.

by Gloria K. on 2016-11-04

Everything was wonderful. I was so happy with the good news that I didn't need more work on my teeth. The lady at the desk when you first come in was especially nice and friendly and so helpful!

by Joanne P. on 2016-11-03

A wonderful, friendly visit. I was reminded that this is Family Dentistry. I felt like I was part of the Klekamp family.

by Stuart B. on 2016-10-31

I Love these guys.... maybe that's why I've been going there for over 25 years.......

by David G. on 2016-10-31

Dr. Klepkamp has the BEST bedside manner of any dentist I have ever been to. Very gentle, explains what he is doing, ensures that I am comfortable. Wow. Sorry I haven't been going to him for years.

by Christine K. on 2016-10-12

Great experience as always!

by Scott H. on 2016-10-12

I trust Dr Klekamp and his care.

by Tefect M. on 2016-10-11

I'm in good hands with Dr Klekamp, Lori, Kristy and Jennifer

by Carolyn M. on 2016-10-11

Dr saw me on very short notice and spent a lot of time reveiwng, checking and correcting my partial problem.

by Naomi K. on 2016-10-07

Best dental care I've ever had. Dr. Klekamp explains your treatment every step of the way.

by Al K. on 2016-10-06

Very good to work with.

by Joel W. on 2016-10-02

Going to Dr Klekamp's is like visiting family. I received a wonderfully thorough and gentle cleaning from Lori. I wouldn't go anywhere else!

by Kristy S. on 2016-09-30

I have been seeing Dr. Klekamp for almost 8 years now and would not go anywhere else. Him and his team treat you as family.

by Anon on 2016-09-29

I had a top notch experience as always!

by Justin J. on 2016-09-26

Excellent trip to the dentist, as always! I have been going to see Dr. Klekamp and Lori for as long as I can remember. I am always pleased with the friendly, personal service I get. I can't wait until my daughter starts getting her teeth cleaned. Three generations and counting!

by Katherine P. on 2016-09-17

Staff was friendly and professional!

by Janice H-M on 2016-09-13

Excellent experience.

by Kathy N. on 2016-08-30

Dr. K & staff make going to the dentist enjoyable (as enjoyable as going to the dentist can be ;)

by Mark K. on 2016-08-30

Dr. Klekamp and his entire staff were so welcoming and did an amazing job. I was so impressed by the way they explained their procedures and it is very clear that they care about their patients. I would recommend their services to anyone!

by Janette F-P on 2016-08-24

As always, my visit with Dr. Klekamp went smoothly, with so much information from start to finish about my new implant.The process took nearly a year, and was altogether successful!

by Donna D. on 2016-08-24

Great care as usual.

by Al K. on 2016-08-07

Dr. Klekamp is simply the best dentist in Denver. He is the only person we fully trust to care for our family and it's refreshing to experience his honesty and genuine character in the medical industry. Thanks Dr. K!

by Todd G. on 2016-08-02

Lori is the best hygienist ever. I actually look forward to my


by Jon P. on 2016-08-02

Excellent service, fast and friendly

by Eric B. on 2016-07-15

As always service with a smile and a joke.

by Brian P. on 2016-07-11

As always, Lori does an excellent job! I love the way my teeth and gums feel when I leave there.

by Kristy S. on 2016-07-09

Excellent! Dr K and his staff are always friendly, and thorough.

by Donald K. on 2016-07-08.

Everything was as nice as it could possibly be.

by John P. on 2016-07-01

Always to be with the Klekamp Family. So very professional, kind, thoughtful, and do a great job cleaning my teeth and checking everything. Thank you, Martha

by Martha L. on 2016-07-01

Relaxing and enjoyable visit.

by Bonnie C. on 2016-06-28

Great care and no pressure.

by Al K. on 2016-06-08

Our 8 yr old granddaughter, visiting the US from Europe, was recently treated by Dr Klekamp. He made it a pleasant experience for her and she really liked "Dr Dave". Our family has been long-time patients of "Dr Dave" and highly recommend him and his wonderful staff to anyone looking for a quality dental experience.

By Brianna S. on 2016-06-06

Dr. Klekamp takes time to explain procedures he is going to do or what to expect is a referral is given. The office staff, this includes the hygienist, is efficient and friendly. They make an effort to know their patients.

by Jean D. on 2016-05-27

The whole experience was wonderful. The staff is great!

by Iris S. on 2016-05-22

I would highly recommend this dentistry to anyone. A true family operation that is NOT part of a chain.

by Francis R. on 2016-05-20

Very personable and made me feel very comfortable!

by Anon on 2016-05-20

I have been a patient for about 35 years and love Dr. K and staff. Lori provides excellent dental cleanings and Dr. K is always thorough in his oral exam. He is patient and speaks dental in lay-man terms, so I always understand everything. He provides options and when a referral to an endodontist, his referrals are equally professional and qualified.

by Linda R. on 2016-05-13

As always, I was treated professionally and with the utmost care of my dental health.

by Walter D. on 2016-05-13

Always a pleasure.

by Thomas H. on 2016-05-10

I love that just cleaned feeling. I think I'm pretty efficient with flossing and brushing, but a professional gets my teeth truly tuned up. Thanks Lori and Dr K.

by Jennifer K. on 2016-04-16

As always, excellent care from knowledgeable, capable people. A pleasure to go to a dental office.

by Norma W. on 2016-04-16

Friendly office staff, reasonably priced and wonderful work. They truly care about their patients and oral hygiene!! I recommend them whenever the opportunity arises!

by Amy W. on 2016-04-13

As a bonus, I was treated to a Space X achievement.

by Ronald H. on 2016-04-09

Dr. Klekamp has been serving my families dental care for many years and we have never been disappointed. His skill, compassion and personal care have been "second to none".

by Al K. on 2016-04-08

Dr. Dave is always there for you and does an excellent job. The whole staff are very interested in you as a person.

by Robert B. on 2016-04-08

It was great

by Martin H. on 2016-04-06

First visit was very good, will continue to go back- family


by Tefect M. on 2016-03-30

I always recommend Dr Klekamp and his staff to anyone that asks for recommendation- they are professional, friendly, and we feel very comfortable with their service

by Lindy M. on 2016-03-30

I was happy to have my teeth filled and dr David was veey nice to me

by Kayla M. on 2016-03-29

A TRUE FAMILY dentistry! We have been seeing Dr. K , Laurie, Jennifer and Christie for over 20 years. They have known our kids, since they were born. Now 16 and 18 they drive for 45 min. for a visit. With absolutely no fear for dental care, they remind me often to make an appointment, before I get an email reminder! The care is excellent. You are informed before an "out of pocket" procedure is needed. We hope to get your loving care for many more years to come.

by Anon on 2016-03-27

Very welcoming. Personal touch. Wonderful people!

by Justin J. on 2016-03-21

Dr Klekamp worked his magic on a badly broken tooth. Expecting to be told I needed a root canal and a crown, I left with a build up that saved me hundreds of dollars. You guys are amazing. Thank you!!

by Frances S. on 2016-03-19

Its never "fun" to go to the dentist, but you my friends make me feel welcome and comfortable. You care and want the best for me. I never feel any pain when my teeth are cleaned and dr Klekamp and crew are just as careful when I have to have some procedure done. Thank you/

by Beatrix F-T on 2016-03-16

It was truly a wonderful expereince from beginning to end. It was fun, and I loved the feeling of warmth between Dr. K and staff. I immediately felt at home. Think it was the best teeth cleaning I have ever had.-:}

by Caroline W. on 2016-03-09

Great experience and very friendly staff

by Matthew F. on 2016-03-09

It was a 5 Star experience!!!

by Janice H-M on 2016-03-08

They were so nice about me cancelling an appointment the last minute. They are always so nice about everything. Lori did an excellent job of cleaning my teeth. It is especially fun visiting with Jennifer at the desk. Joanne Petersen

by Joanne P. on 2016-02-24

The best dentist And support staff

by Pauline G. on 2016-02-20

Have been going to Klelamp Family Dentistry for years and they are all add up to an excellent experience.

by Catherine L. on 2016-02-09

Dr. K, Lori and the staff are the best!

by Anon on 2016-01-26

Always a great experience!

by Mike W. on 2016-01-26

I am so happy with the new partial, and all the advice and help from you, Christie and Jennifer! I'm so glad I was directed to your practice!

by Donna D. on 2016-01-26

Excellence should not be the exception. BUT, it often is. My first visit gave me the confidence that for as long as I work with David and his staff, I will experience excellence. That is a nice feeling.

by Stuart L. on 2016-01-13

It is always a pleasure to visit the Klekamp Family Dentistry office and see and be greeted by the wonderful staff and have my teeth cleaned and checked. This has been my routine two times a year for 20 years, and will hopefully continue for many more years. It is also a pleasure to see the children who are always welcome and happy to have the attention they need from a caring staff.

by Martha L. on 2015-12-29

After 25 years still Continue to be friendly, professional and efficient!

by David H. on 2015-12-28

Dr. Klekamp and his staff are always very pleasant and professional. I would recommend his office to all of my friends!

by Mary D. on 2015-12-26

Very personable and family like experience. Everyone there is top notch. My family and I have been patients there for well over 20 years!

by Randy C. on 2015-12-22

The hygenist, Lori, is very kind and welcoming--puts you at ease from the beginning. She is also *very* thorough--my teeth have never been so clean in my life. Dr. Klekamp has a great personality and really takes the time to get to know you and your health history. He is also very thorough, checking many things that could be/cause problems down the line. He spends much more time with you than a typical dentist that just takes a quick glance at your teeth and moves on. I'd recommend this  office to anyone who needs a good, solid dentist for care.

by Andrew S. on 2015-12-18

My new client appointment was more than I expected. Lorie, the hygienist, was text-book professional in her approach to the detailed cleaning. Dr. Klekamp gave me an amazing thorough exam not only checking my teeth but explaining much about what he was overall seeing. He also checked my breathing, thyroid, and jaw function. I have gone to great dentists before, but this was tops. The whole office was welcoming with a desire to really know me.

by Carol S. on 2015-12-09

Thank you ... Great visit!

by Kaye C. on 2015-12-05

Best Dentist ever!!

by Melissa A. on 2015-12-04

It is always a pleasure seeing Dr. Klekamp and his team. The service and professionalism of the entire staff is the absolute best.

by Rachel K. on 2015-11-24

Always a good experience Great staff Dr k very thorough

by Pauline G. on 2015-11-21

The best dentist I have ever had and I am 70 years old.

by Francis R. on 2015-11-20

Love Dr. Klekamp's practice. Lori the dental hygenist is excellent, Kristi and Jennifer always a pleasure and Dr. K is my definition of excellence. I have been a patient for decades and highly recommend his practice. My extended family all go to Dr. Klekamp because we are so pleased and satisfied with his practice.

by Linda R. on 2015-11-13

Always a quick and thurough check up!

by Anon on 2015-11-11

My visit was timely and professionally done. No discomfort or any negatives perceived by me; a good experience!

by George W. on 2015-11-11

The appointments start on time. The staff goes out of their way to make sure the experience is great!

by Robert C. on 2015-11-11

I trust Dr. Klekamp and his staff. They have been taking tare of my dental needs, some of which have been extensive, for years. They keep up on new procedures and yet, they still manage to put the family in family dentistry.

by Stuart B. on 2015-11-10

After several years of seeing the good doctor I finally had to have more major dental work and while I can't say "painless" it was not as difficult as I had anticipated. He lets you know what he is doing and keeps even a Ninny like me comfortable. He needs some new jokes, bring him one.

by James B. on 2015-11-06

Dr. K is great, staff is very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommended!

by Anon on 2015-11-04

Efficient, professional, and friendly service from the Doctor and all of his staff - as always.

by Owen H. on 2015-11-01

All of you are like family to me!! I always feel I get lots of TLC when I come in for a cleaning or other procedure.

Thanks, Cathy Lombardo.

by Catherine L. on 2015-10-31

Dr. Klekamp is a wonderful dentist! I am always impressed with his knowledge of the field of dentistry, the technologies he employs to better diagnose and treat patients, and his personal attention to details both with my treatment and the time he takes to connect with me on a personal level. Dr. Klekamp's supportive and talented team only add to the positive experience of visiting him. I happily refer my friends and family to his practice. As a result, they have all commented that they too have had a great experience at Dr. Klekamp's office.

by Carrie D. on 2015-10-28

Excellent chair side and overall care. Especially impressed with how painlessly novicaine is administered and all procedures done with patient comfort as first priority. Highly recommend.

by John W. on 2015-10-28

Very good!

by Harry A. on 2015-10-28

It's always a pleasure to see Loreine, the 'gentle hygenist' and Dr. Klekamp. I have always trusted that they will only do what I absolutely need done and aren't out just for the money as a lot of dentists are. They really care about the patient.

by Sharon A. on 2015-10-28

Originally I was the only member of my family going to the Klekamp Family Dentistry office, but was so pleased with it that I convinced my son and my husband to go as well. For my husband, it meant leaving a dental office that he had gone to for years, but he did so and is very happy with the change to the Klekamp office. Great people, great care.

by Norma W. on 2015-10-27

Dr Klekamp and his staff are very professional, we've been patients for many years and wouldn't go anywhere else,.

by Carolyn M. on 2015-10-27

On time and thorough. Staff friendly.

by Jean D. on 2015-10-21

Dr. Klekamp is a great dentist. Had a tooth pulled and never felt a thing. Post recovery was great. No pain. No swelling. He also added a tooth to my denture in one day and by supper everything was back to normal.

by Robert B. on 2015-10-19

Awesome as always! !

by Sharon A. on 2015-10-17

As always, great service, friendly, and first rate.

by Norma W. on 2015-10-17

My family & I have been patients of Dr. Klekamps for over 25 years. We highly recommend Dr. Klekamp who is professional with a gentle touch, giving expert advice to improve & maintain beautiful smiles. He has been a blessing in our family.

by Sandy F. on 2015-10-16